Introduction to Private Cloud Hosting

Introduction to Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting explained

Private cloud is a scalable pool of computing resources dedicated to a single business and encompasses features and functionality driven by the needs of that business. In other words, it’s similar to the public cloud, only that the requirements of the private cloud benefits that single business and are dedicated to it. Some of the benefits you’ll get from private cloud hosting include additional security (because these resources are dedicated completely dedicated to your business), full control of your data, and there is no one from the outside to influence your decisions.

The upsides to private cloud hosting

The good thing about private cloud hosting is that it offers you the benefits of public cloud hosting, as well as other additional benefits, such as security and control. Cloud hosting providers can create numerous public clouds to help support big businesses and organizations that need high degrees of security. Let’s look at the upsides to private cloud hosting:

Increased levels of security with private cloud hosting

 With public cloud hosting, you’ll be sharing the same server resources with other websites on the dedicated cloud server. This makes websites owners on the dedicated cloud server nervous because if malware attacks one site, the rest of the websites in the cloud network risk getting attacked, too. With private cloud hosting, you won’t be sharing the cloud environment with other sites. This means your website will be cushioned when an attack happens on any other website.

Private cloud hosting is extremely reliable

We already know that cloud hosting solutions are reliable because they don’t experience any downtimes. With private cloud hosting, reliability is brought up a notch. There is no risk of your website being brought down by other sites.

You get enhanced customization options with private cloud hosting

Because private cloud hosting gives you exclusive access to the cloud server, you can customize it to your needs. Aspects that you can customize include software, hardware, operating systems and more.


Cloud hosting is a great option for businesses that don’t want to deal with issues of downtime. But if you want exclusive access to resources and enhanced level of security, then private cloud hosting is a good choice.
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