What You Need To Know About Unlimited and Unmetered Bandwidth in Web Hosting

What You Need To Know About Unlimited

There are several decisions you’ll have to make before you get your website up and running. Besides your website’s design and content, you’ll have to decide the bandwidth to use. A metered bandwidth plan should not be an option because hosting companies providing this plan monitor how you use data and bills you according to your usage. That leaves you with two options: unlimited bandwidth and unmetered bandwidth.

While debate has raged over the years regarding the difference between unlimited bandwidth and unmetered bandwidth, an agreement has not been reached yet. In fact, some people still believe that there is no difference between the two. To settle this argument, let’s check out the facts:

Bandwidth in web hosting

Bandwidth is the total amount of data (content and visitor traffic) transferred over a certain period. When choosing a hosting plan, the web hosting company assigns you a specific amount of bandwidth to use. Web hosting companies calculate bandwidth usage by multiplying the size of each section of your site by the number of times visitors have viewed it. As your websites popularity increases, your bandwidth usage also increases, and so, you will be required to pay for the additional bandwidth or upgrade your web hosting plan.

The importance of bandwidth in web hosting

Bandwidth is an aspect you shouldn’t overlook when evaluating web hosting providers even if you are tech savvy. Poor choice of bandwidth means your website will be super slow, more so when you receive a ton of traffic. If your website is slow, the user-friendly aspect will be lost and it will be hard to share your content with the world.

On the contrary, good choice of bandwidth means your website will be fast, making it easy for a ton of visitors to access your website at once and enjoy your site’s experience.

Let’s look at what unmetered bandwidth in web hosting means

Well, we’ve seen earlier that with metered bandwidth, the web hosting company monitors your bandwidth usage and charges you accordingly. Unmetered hosting is the exact opposite. The web hosting company does not monitor the amount of bandwidth you use, which means the hosting provider doesn’t restrict the amount of data you can transfer. You pay a flat rate, and that’s it.

Let’s now look at what unlimited bandwidth in web hosting is

As the name suggests, unlimited bandwidth is where the hosting company accords you unlimited transfer of data. When you pay the stipulated fee, you use the bandwidth the way you want without restrictions. Some companies advertise that they offer unlimited bandwidth. If you have no idea how bandwidth works, you might believe them. The truth is that there’s no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth is always regulated. For example, when you exceed what the hosting company allots you each month, they slow down your site. Other topics that you can check in:

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